Monthly Archive: January 2020

Redwoods Jelly Journals

Best of the Surf Coast (Part I)

The Surf Coast of Victoria is an incredible destination, stretching along the Great Ocean Road and including various towns including Airey’s Inlet, Anglesea, Lorne, Moriac, Torquay and Winchelsea. With world-famous surfing beaches, magnificent waterfalls and breathtaking ocean views from atop the rugged cliffs, a trip to this part of Victoria should be on your bucket...

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Torquay Cafes

Best Eats in Torquay

With the summer and the school holidays in full swing, Torquay and the surf coast will be packed with visitors from around the region. Don’t stress when it comes to eating out by reading our guide to discover the best cafes and restaurants in Torquay and around the Great Ocean Road. A favourite with locals...

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