Top 5 Day Trips From Torquay

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Holidaying in Torquay opens the door to some of the most stunning destinations on the on the Surf Coast. We’ve put together our list of the top 5-day trips you can easily take from Torquay so, get ready to pack up the car and head off!


Just 30 minutes from our park, head up to Geelong for the day, Victoria’s second-biggest city, to explore what this beautiful port-city has to offer.

First stop is the Geelong Waterfront! Take a stroll along one of Australia’s most stunning waterfronts, spotting the bollards along the way.

If you’re feeling hungry after your morning exploring the Waterfront, grab a bit to eat along the trendy Pakington Street Strip. Affectionately known to locals as ‘Pako’, this shopping and dining strip mirrors the Melbourne food scene, with a huge array of yummy restaurants and cafes to choose from. A couple of our favs are Box Office & King of the Castle but you really can’t go wrong wherever you choose to dine!

Full from a delicious lunch, it’s time to immerse yourself in the local art scene at the Geelong Gallery. Established in 1896 and boasting a magnificent collection of different artworks, it’s no wonder it is one of Australia’s leading regional galleries! With seasonal exhibitions featuring both Australian and International artists, it’s a great way to spend a few hours indoors.

Geelong-bollards - Melbourne Blogger Blogspot

1: Geelong Waterfront. Source: Tourism Geelong Bellarine


Perhaps one of the most well-known towns along the Great Ocean Road, Lorne is the perfect spot to spend the day. Hop in the car and head 50 minutes along the winding coastal roads, all while taking in the breath taking scenery that the Surf Coast offers.

Start the day off with a visit to Erskine Falls, one of the more popular waterfalls in the area, plunging (or trickling, depending on the recent rainfall) down a jaw dropping 30-metre drop. There’s an easy walk to the first lookout, or if you’re up for a few extra steps, continue down the 230 step decent to the second lookout, where you’ll see the waterfall in all it’s glory!

Continue exploring waterfalls with a visit to Kalimna Falls! A bit of a hidden gem, you’ll find it located an easy 20-minute walk through lush rainforest and while it’s not the biggest waterfall, it is surely one of the most unique. The falls trickle off the rock ledge that is overhanging a small cave that you can easily walk into and stare through the falls from behind.

After a busy morning, grab some comfort food at Ipsos, known for it’s refined yet authentic take on traditional Greek food. Cooking only with seasonal and local produce, pick a few smaller plates off the menu to share among your family and friends.

And of course, a day in Lorne isn’t complete without some time spent on the beach! Spend your afternoon lounging on the sand of Lorne’s famous Main Beach.

Kalimna Falls

2: Kalimna Falls. Source: Instagram

12 Apostles

No visit to the Great Ocean Road is complete without a visit to the iconic Twelve Apostles.

About 2 hours from the park, you’ll find the massive limestone structures towering 45 metres above the tempestuous Southern Ocean that leave its visitors awe-struck in wonder at their size and beauty. Behind the eight remaining stacks (five have fallen since their discovery) are majestic cliffs that tower about 70-metres high.

It can get quite busy with tourists all year round, so it’s best to go earlier in the morning or late afternoon to get the best view.

12 Apostles 1

3: 12 Apostles at Sunrise. Source: Instagram

The Otways

The Otways – where coastal rainforest meets wild Southern Ocean on the Great Ocean Road. Fall under the spell of a magical place of ancient trees, untamed creatures and waterfall wonder. Explore the countless waterfalls, rainforest walks and of course the famous Otway Fly Tree Top Walk, the longest and tallest elevated walk of its kind in the world. Stretching 600m long and 30m above ground, you’ll find yourselves walking amongst the towering trees, spotting local wildlife along the way.

For the thrill seeker, zip lining is the perfect adrenaline fuelled activity where you can zip across the treetops in this unique forest experience, gaining a bird’s-eye view of Otway’s beautiful forests.

Otwayfly Treetop Adventures-915x610

4: Otway Fly Tree Top Walk. Source: Instagram


Have we inspired you to explore your backyard of beautiful local towns? Take a look at our accommodation options at the Torquay Holiday Park, we have cabins or campsites available.

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